Monday, May 08, 2006

New pics of the sweetest teen on the net - Brooke Skye! She's so innocent and sweet and at the same time so naughty and horny when she's in the right mode ... I just can't get enough of this sweety! I think you guys love her too. But enough words - the pics are talking a better language :-) Just click on each and follow the links - you'll get tons of free materials of the sweet Brooke Skye! And this time, as promissed, there are not only pics but also videos of Brooke and her friends getting horny to download! So, enjoy and don't forget to bookamark this Blog!

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

So, here you got the new pics added to the official site of Brooke Skye! This hottie really deserves her fame! So sweet, innocent and sexy! She's just the best! But why talking about her? Just take a look at the free samples here and you will agrre with me. Brooke is one of my favorite girls and I'll post new pics of her as soon they come out in the members area on her official website! click on each pic to visit her free hosted galleries and to enjoy more free pics. And don't forget to bookmark this Blog and to come again in a week or two - there will be new pics!

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Brooke Skye is still on the top of the search engines! Her sites are between the most searched on the net! Everybody likes her and teh people want more and more free pics and vids of her. So, here is a new update of her Blog and some new pics. Click on the pics to visit her new free galleries and don't forget to write a comment and to tell me what you like to see of Brooke or other great teens. So, if you like this Blog, you better bookmark it in your Browser - I'll update the pics as often as possible.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Brooke Skye is one of the most famous teen models out there! When she started her first website she was nobody. Now - just a couple of months later she already has a couple of websites! What's her secret? Why do the people like her so much? Yes, she's beautiful and sexy. But she is just a cute teen that could be your neighbour's doughter. And that's her secret! She is a real teen and all her photos and videos are taken from her real life! She's not one of this models that goes to special schools and learn how to talk , how to walk and so one ... She's the girl next door. She's so natural and all the things she does is because she likes them! she loves the camera and making photos and videos is real fun for Brooke! And I think if you take a look at her photos you'll feel how much fun she has staying naked in front of the camera in the garden or taking a shower.

As I said she has a couple of Website now. First - her Official WebSite - presenting her and her life. She also has a Reality Site - lots of Photos and Videos of Brooke outdoor and with friends of her. And ofcourse there is a Webcam oriented site. There you can meet her persoanlly and talk to her or write an email and she'll answer also personally. She's really great and I can't believe there could be people out there who doesn't like her.

The purpose of this Blog is to present Brooke Skye's Website - some free sample pics and links to more free site. The Photos here have links to free hosted galleries with photos of Brooke and if you scroll down you'll find a link to a big preview Site with all the sites listed and even more free links. So, what are you waiting for ? Take all the free materials, visit the official site and write at the end of this site your comment! What do you think about this cute and sexy teen girl?